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    • FFI Compilation (Final Fantasy 1)

      The FF1 Pack (as it's now called) consists of 3 characters from the original Final Fantasy, based on their Dissidia
      incarnations. These 3 characters are: The Warrior of Light aka Fighter
      from FF1, Garland from FF1, and Chaos from FF1. They have original
      sounds for both their voices and weapons, and come equipped with NPC
      support, Bot Support, and SP Support for the Warrior of Light, along
      with his signature weapons "Braveheart" and the "Lustrous Shield".
      Garland and Chaos' also have their Dissidia Swords, all credit goes to
      bert, of JKHub.org The4thRemnant, of JKHub.org DarthJava, of JKHub.org
      Psyk0Sith, of JKHub.org and most of all, Square, thanks for making such
      awesome characters. Cr...

    • Nifskope is major suck

      First and last time I will ever attempt to make a mod for skyrim. I feel sick and crushed. Nifskope sucks so badly my leg hurts. nitrifishit. non valence incomplete uv map madness geometry AAAAAGHHHHHHH...

    • How to install X mod

      How do I install 'X' mod?

      Hold Up
      These guides do not substitute the installation instructions of the respective mod authors.
      Please follow their instructions carefully.

      Text Chat

      Install SFE (drag&drop into the mod order and "Loose files" should be pre-selected automatically)
      Download and unzip Text Chat (with WinRAR or 7-Zip)
      Copy the "configuration" folder into the Fallout76\Data folder. Or create it yourself.
      Drag and drop "ChatMod.ba2" into the mod order. And configure it this way: https://imgur.com/MdFC1Z8
      (EDIT) Make sure to put ChatMod.ba2 below PerkLoadoutManager.ba2 in the mod order, if you've installed it.
      Click "Deploy"

    • About translations

      About translations
      The tool now supports localization with version 1.3 and onwards.
      NEW: As of version 1.6, you can simply auto-update language files from the tool. No manual installation required.
      If you'd like to collaborate, then you can translate it to your native language by following these instructions:

      Creating new translations:

      Look up the ISO code for your language (e.g. "en-US" is English, USA): http://www.lingoes.net/en/translator/langcode.htm
      Open the "languages" folder which is located in C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\Fallout 76 Quick Configuration\.
      Copy "en-US.xml" and rename it to your language's ISO code. (e.g. "de-DE.xml")
      Open the newly created xml file and change the following: <...

    • Fix Silana dark face in an existing save game

      Versions pre v1.0.2 might have left your save game with a dark face issue. To fix it:

      Find Silana (usually in the Temple of the Divines, sometimes around Solitude Market)
      Open the console and click on her
      type: setnpcweight 35
      type: setnpcweight 40
      Exit the console

      That should fix it. The 35 is completely arbitrary, what we're doing here is changing her weight to any value, then putting it back to the original value. It causes the facegen data to reload, and that's what fixes the dark face issue....

    • AVA

      Ava is currently not a companion just yet until then i will recommend not
      installing the mod just yet but if you need to see how far she is head to megaton she should
      spawn there other then that she also travels or should
      travel to rivet city
      when I do continue my work because of fallout 3s..... glitchy and old nature I probably won't be able to test it but hopefully I will and I won't mind if a few people could help me as i'm new to modding I was hoping Ava would be involved in this epic or somewhat cool quest...

    • Update 1.3 Out now - UPDATE LOG:

      "I own an island, off the coast of Costa Rica.."

      Good day everyone! Today is a good day, cuz Update 1.3 for Jurassic Park Expansion Pack is now public! I have to say sorry for making everyone wait 2 months for such a small yet important update, the results are what i wanted so, you can't rush art right? Let's get right to the point, in this article i will basically show the Update Log, telling what exactly has changed in this update in details:

      -Revamped 93 Tyrannosaurus
      -Revamped 93 Velociraptor
      -Revamped 93 Dilophosaurus
      -Revamped 93 Triceratops
      -Revamped 93 Parasaurolophus
      -Revamped 93 Gallimimus
      -Revamped 93 Brachiosaurus

      >Field Guide:

    • intro steps

       STEP 1  your crew are on the beach but only half of it, look on the sand by the rock stairs and see if you can spot faint seaweed or little crabs, there is a secret place to pass on to the other half of the beach. 

      STEP 2   once on the other half of the beach do all you can to discover the scant items that your crew can grab, anything is better than nothing. 

      STEP 3   once on the other half of the beach your crew have four stairs off the beach to explore. 

      STEP 4  the four stairs go to 1)  the dungeon  2) the flooded dungeon  3) the tomb and 4)  the MOAT.   TIP!  in 1) the dungeon look out for chains hanging from wall hooks, this passage actually leads straight to the Blue Stones *later on*, just bear that in mind, tha...

    • Deutschen FOMod in Original-Mod integrieren

      Ich habe die FOMod-Dateien auch übersetzt, damit Ihr auch die Installation der Original-Mod in deutsch durchführen könnt.
      Dies ist NICHT die eigentliche Übersetzung der Mod!
      Ihr findet die übersetzten FOMod-Dateien unter "Miscellaneous".
      Allerdings nützen diese Euch nur, wenn Ihr sie in das Installationspaket der Original-Mod integriert.

      So geht's (erklärt mit Benutzung des Freeware-Pack-/Entpackprogrammes 7-Zip):

      Original-Mod manuell in ein Verzeichnis Eurer Wahl runterladen.
      Runtergeladene Datei mit <rechter Maus> anklicken, im Kontextmenü "7-Zip"wählen, im aufklappenden Menü "Entpacken nach X" wählen, wobei X dem Namen des runtergeladenen Archivs ohne die Fileextension (Dateierweiterung) z.B. .zip entspricht.

    • Vlandia

      ::::::::: GENERAL RESEARCH :::::::::

      Initial research quickly showed me that the armor at the time (late 1100's) rarely consisted of anything more than mail, and even that was only for warriors of a certain pedigree. Furthermore, because of armor technology of the time, few soldiers ventured into battle without a shield. As a result, the bulk of the army consisted of spear infantry which acted as fodder and as the anvil at the same time.

      I did however encounter paintings depicting battles with two handed polearms and the voulge was a common enough weapon even among the nobility to be worth including. I custom made a long voulge for this purpose which is somewhere between a voulge and halbard even though the latter isn't a thing until later in the 14th century. <...

    • Sturgia

      ::::::::::::::::::::: GENERAL PHILOSOPHY :::::::::::::::::::::
      This was my first overhaul and as such, I will return to it once I have finished the other factions to tweak it to match the historical setting of the other mods. It remains one I am proud of but its not perfect :)

      First, I play with many mods such as Realistic Battle Mod, Fix the Spear Dude, Realistic Weapons - Better Spears which change the way the game plays a lot and I will be making this mod with these mods in mind. 

      Next my philosophy when altering the troops had to do with the challenges of Sturgia. It cannot hope to match the archers of Battania, nor can it hope to match the speed and mobility of the Khuzaits and it certainly cannot hope to match the scale and diversity of ...

    • Circular Saw

      Circular Saw and Propane ballon....

    • Manual Installation.

      The method for installing this mod was chosen to be as flexible as possible. Anyone wishing to examine the installer code can easily do so with a simple text editor and the code inside hopefully is simple enough to follow for most people.

      However there may be reasons why a person would not want to use the installer cmd file, or maybe the file simply is not working on their computer. This article is for those people.

      If your intended install location is in restricted access folders, C:\Program Files (x86)\... for example, everything will have to be done with administrative access.

      My suggestion, make a temporary directory somewhere and extract the files into that directory then get a brief feel for  how they are organized and named. If there are ...

    • smp sexy cloth

      smp sexy cloth 
      unp body

    • smp sexy cloth

      smp sexy cloth 
      Unp body ...

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